1991.4 Established
1992.3 Belt grinder, equipped with automatic clamping system
1993.4 Wet wheel cut-off machine equipped with automatic feeder
1993.6 Billet grinder (large)
1994.12 Carbide cut-off machine
1994.12 Milling preparation machine
1995.9 Fully automatic Cup-wheel grinding machine
1996.10 Laser marking system
1997.2 Vacuum treatment machine/Bell jar type vacuum testing machine
1997.6 Hang over type grinder
1998.12 Big size wet wheel cut-off machine/Chip sample gathering machine
1999.12 ICP preparation machine
2000.5 Fully automatic sample cut-off machine
2001.9 Protein crystallizing system
2002.2 Bead sampler
2003.9 protein compound system
2004.4 Soil preparation machine
2005.8 Automatic Glyco Compound System
2006.4 Asbestos preparation machine
Future We are keep on going with “ing” policy
2005.3 The Japan Society of Mechanical engineers, Tohoku Area Technical Research Award
2005.5 Chugoku Area New Business Award for Protein crystallization machine
2006.4 Award of The best “300 small sized companies keeping Japan vivid in manufacturing”
2007.8 Award from Chugoku bureau of Economic, Trade and Industries for protein crystallization
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